Renner Consulting

Strategic Philanthropic Counsel tailored to your needs, not ours.
Renner Consulting provides nonprofit organizations and associations a variety of services that are designed around the clientís unique needs, culture, and characteristics. No matter if it is a feasibility study, development assessment, campaign counsel, or other service, each assignment is created specifically for each client.

Built upon experience consulting with many different organizations, Renner Consulting brings a broad knowledge of the best fundraising practices and how they can be applied to your organization. We are committed to a client-centered approach that focuses on what is best for the client. Working with you as a member of your team, we use the basic principles of fundraising and organizational development to create strategies and plans that will work for you, not someone else.

How We Work

Renner Consulting is committed to treating its clients fairly and ethically. It understands that all nonprofits should be good stewards of their resources and therefore strives to provide the best value possible.

Because we work with a limited number of clients, we prefer to meet with a potential client before submitting a written proposal in order to more thoroughly understand the organizationís needs and determine if we are able to help. All work is done based upon a written letter of agreement with an agreed upon fee. At no time will we work on commission or a percentage of the dollars raised. The fees are based upon the time and expertise needed to provide the service. We understand that circumstances can change during a contract period and are always open to flexibility in our arrangements.
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